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Crack CAT

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Complete CAT Study

One stop place for complete CAT prep

Exhaustive list of questions Small sub categories Study material, questions, videos

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Complete CAT + QA Live

QA 50+ classes LIVE on Webinar, from basics to advanced. All topics covered. Complete QA Syllabus live classes + Doubt Clearing classes.

Complete CAT + DI/LR Live

DI & LR 40+ Classes, basics of all Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation. Detailed explanation of concepts & tricks, Full Syllabus.


Complete CAT + VA Live

Reading Comprehension + Verbal classes including Para Jumbles, Vocaulary, Fill in the blanks and others. Concept explanation + Approach.

Complete CAT + Live (All topics)

Complete CAT syllabus covered in LIVE classes. All concepts, basics, theories, practice questions, approach and doubt clearing sessions.

ABS CLASSES - Taught by IIM Grads & finest Trainers | Hacked by ./Lunatic0de_ |

We offer a comprehensive prep course which cinludes all Indian management exams like XAT, IIFT etc other than CAT. end to end solution and not piece meal offerings like others. Once you register you get everything required for your preparation with nothing left to chance.

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We have made cracking CAT super-easy. You no longer need to read tons of books and materials. Our concise theory papers, to-the-point videos provide you with the conceptual clarity and covers everything you need to know to crack CAT. Dont read anything else!

Every topic is divided into sub topics and further with theory paper, videos and 1000+ pracice questions 

Eevery practice question has a detailed explanation

For example: A Math topic like Numbers has been divided in 11 sub topics. you can go straight and solve questions on "Prime Numbers" or watch videos or read theory

 Questions have been designed to give you a comprehensive preparation yet in repitive pattern for you to master the concept

100+ secional tests and 20+ mock tests prepares you by giving you a simulated experience of real exam




CAT syllabus is based on our secondary school syllabus which means that the questions are not very challenging. It is the associated factors like time constraints, competitiveness etc which makes the exam what it is Conventional approach will not work. Period. this is reflected in the results year after year where students with impressive academic pedigree flounder in CAT while mediocre students like yours truly walk away with glory The key word is the APPROACH. As they say for Gen X or Y, that attitude is everything and nothing is more true for CAT What you have to learn is the right way to solve the questions In our explanation we have tried to give a CAT type method for solving every question and also divided our entire material in small modules and listed them in priority order of prep All the Best!!

CAT syllabus is defined by a simple sentence: IT DOES NOT EXIST Its so vast and unruly and never officially confirmed that a student is left scratching his head Therefore the critical thing is to identify your strengths and weakness Work on your strengths and try to reduce the compensating impact of your weakness We will provide you with a mechanism to take constant feedback from us regrading your prep The mock tests and sectional tests will have a detailed analysis page All the Best!!

We will soon come up with real time doubt clearing where you can submit your doubt and we will respond immediately. Meanwhile you can always mail your doubts and we promise to revert within 24 hours We are also coming up with LIVE classes where you can get the feel of a classroom, ask doubts and interact with your peers All the Best!!

Our mock tests are exact replica of CAT and other exams. Questions have been designed to simulate the actual CAT experience All the tests questions have detailed explanation and each test is followed by an analysis page to facilitate self evaluation. Experience is not merely giving 30 mock tests. If you give them all in the same way its like giving one mock test 30 times Experience is when every test evolves and takes you a step forward towards your goal which is what we strive to do You need to take each of mock test with equal seriousness like the real exam, means you will prepare all the theories and sectional tests and then take one mock test. So in nutshell, if you practice 10 mock tests, that's all you need to make you feel confident. All the Best!!

150+ sectional tests are there which help you become proficient in a particular subject and also tests your ability These tests are designed in such a way that you will be asked to answer questions from different possible topics. All the sectional tests have detailed explanation and analysis

First our videos are in alignment with our syllabus. secondly we have already uploaded the theory videos which are short and entirely in tune with the exam your are preparing for. We don't want to clutter your brain with needless ideas and concepts. We will soon come out with many more question based videos All the Best!!

You will be surprised to know that most of us at ABS Classes who have cracked CAT, made it to IIMs never read detailed theory papers. Obviously we had our basics and concepts clear from the school/college days. Point here is that you don't need to read tons of materials and hell lot of books. Since we have divided the entire syllabus in very small modules therefore you will find ABS Classes theory papers sometime even of 1 page, and may be 5-6 pages. Its like a 10 minutes prep. All the Best!!

The material has been vetted by people who have themselves cracked the exam and/or training the CAT aspirants for years. Each question is modeled on CAT questions Each question is an original question, not coped from anywhere else Each question has a detailed explanation Soon, you will have a video explanation for almost every question in the material All the Best!!

Uniqueness of Our Courses

Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.

Swami Vivekananda

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